Citroën BX – Chrome Badge Detailing

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My Citroën BX is 29 years old now. Generally, the pink paint isn’t too awful. However, one bit of exterior trim that has faded is the chrome badge on the rear. It was recently suggested that there might be a cheap and straightforward solution in the form of a chrome paint pen.

Final results of the Molotow Liquid Chrome pen
Final results of the Molotow Liquid Chrome pen

I ordered a Molotow Liquid Chrome Pen from Amazon for £11.20. It took a little time to arrive from Switzerland. I think you’ll agree from the picture above that it was worth the wait. This ‘Citroen’ badge was actually on one of my toolboxes, so it made the ideal practice piece.

Preparing the old Citroën BX badge

Sanding the original white lettering
Sanding the original white lettering

First, the remains of the factory white paint were sanded back with a 120 grit flexible pad. The sanding both cleaned and primed the surface for the liquid chrome. The paint was so faded it didn’t take much effort to get it all off.

Cleaning the Citroën badge

Cleaning the badge with panel wipe
Cleaning the badge with panel wipe

Next was a good clean with “panel wipe”. The cleaning wasn’t just to remove the sanded paint. The nooks and crannies around the lettering of the badges make great dirt traps when attached to the car.

Painting, or maybe drawing?

Painting the Citroën badge with the Molotow pen
Painting the Citroën badge with the Molotow pen

Finally, the painting, or is it drawing? I wasn’t sure if the flow would be too fast, but it was just right in this case. Draw along the edges of the letters first, then infill. I found that infilling the liquid chrome would initially look ‘cloudy’. But after a few seconds, it flowed and gave a uniform appearance.

A word of warning, especially if you want to use it on a car. The liquid chrome takes 8 hours to set fully. I wish I had read the instructions. An hour after painting, I picked up the chrome badge and promptly left fingerprints in it. Practice over. I guess I have to do the badge on my Citroën BX next!


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