Citroën BX – The Final Breakdown?

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It’s the first of June 2019, after months of work on the car and daily commuting to work, it’s time to start my show season. A quick drive to the Midlands for the Citroën Centenary event in the Citroën BX should be easy enough. Unless I have a breakdown!

One Last Breakdown?

Not the best place to breakdown in a Citroen BX
Not the best place to breakdown in a Citroën BX

Just 5 miles into the journey and things took a bit of a turn. The car started going lumpy on acceleration then cut out over a mini-roundabout. Fortunately, I managed to limp off the junction and found a passer-by to drag me out of the way. Straight into the car park of a Cemetery, an omen maybe?

As the car had done nearly 600 miles since its last rebuild without fault, this was pretty soul-destroying. And where to start, with few tools in the car, fault finding was going to be a little bit of a struggle.

Finding the bad Citroën wires

Determined to find the fault, the tear down begins
Determined to find the fault, the tear down begins

Que some frantic pulling apart of the car to try and find the route cause. A bit of wire and a bulb, in true Haynes manner, proved out some of the obvious things. The ignition barrel was working. The fuel pump and supply to the Bosch engine ECU were fine. But where in this infernal Citroën BX wiring was the fault?

Two hours after yet another Citroën breakdown, I tracked a bad connection to the tacho sensor, cleaned it up and the car started. Far too late to get to the show, another two hours away, I drove the path of shame back home! What next? Replace the failed wire, or do something longer-lasting and rewire the car? A tough decision to make.


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