Citroën BX – When will we drive again?

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With a breakdown in 2019 knocking the wind out of the Citroën BX’s sails and 2020 being dominated by lockdowns and restriction, it’s not getting used much. But has it even been used much, when will we drive again, and will it hit 1000 miles this year?

Many miles per year?

Old, but seldom used Citroen BX.
Old, but seldom used Citroen BX.

My Citroen BX 16Valve reached 100,000 miles on the 5th of January 2008. The car was first registered in November 1991, about 17 miles per day for the first 16 years since it first turned a (registered) wheel in the UK. However, Statista puts the average UK mileage at about 10,000 per year, so we’re well below that.

Using the Citroën BX as a daily drive?

100,000 miles, 2008, and it hasn't been driven much since then
100,000 miles, 2008, and it hasn’t been driven much since then

Today in May 2020, we’re in complete COVID lockdown, and the car is showing 113,500 miles. For the second year running, it’s gone straight through the MOT with only planned maintenance. It’s had all the hydraulic lines replaced, front pads and discs, and a new set of tyres. The car is in about the best condition that I have seen it for ten years.

But over the last 12 years, it’s barely managed 3 miles a day. Since the MOT, we’ve done about 30 miles, and that was driving it back home. It now looks like I’ll be working from home indefinitely, so no commuting. When will I even get to drive the Citroën BX again? Is it time to move her on to someone who can use her?

Nargh, don’t be daft. I need to make the most of any essential journey and take the ‘Valver’, and if I’m not going too far, that’s less distance to walk home when it invariably decides to break down again!


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