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Adventures in Electronics

  • Blue Lights – Window Pods
    6 min read Sometimes when installing blue lights for CSI BASICS, the window pods are far from a perfect fit. But what if the pods could be customised to every car?
  • Can In The Middle (CITM) Adapter
    6 min read Following on from the proven DIY CAN adapter, this article follows the addition of function by creating a dual CAN PCB design to use as a CAN in the middle (CITM) device.
  • Blue Light Installation
    4 min read To support the excellent CSI Basics charity, I help their volunteers with blue light installation to get them to incidents quickly and safely. I’ll do practically anything for Haribo!
  • Retrofit – Freelander2 Reversing Camera
    7 min read Do I need a reversing camera? Probably not. But having retrofit one to the Freelander2 and I’m glad that I did!
  • Tackling the Fergie wiring system
    5 min read It’s finally time to tackle the Fergie wiring system and see if life can be brought back into it. Will it start first time?
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