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The number one killer for any Automotive Adventure is losing enthusiasm. All projects have the potential to wander off track. Stalling due to a lack of motivation or growing in size to a point where the end seems impossible. I’ve lost count of the number of times I struggled to get back to a project. Days, weeks, even years can pass before I get time and mo-jo back. I just need a bit of inspiration in nearly all cases, and one of my sources is Colin Furze.

Colin Furze YouTube
https://www.youtube.com/user/colinfurze 20/05/2020

Colin Furze, a former plumber, turned YouTube maker, craziest project creator and certain death avoider. If you think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew on a project, you’re not even close! Quite a lot of Colin Furze projects are vehicle-related, but you are unlikely to see them anywhere else. A jet engine bicycle, homemade tank and an insanely fast mobility scooter only scrape the surface.

I would best describe the channel as ‘Lad in a shed creates crazy inventions dreamt up in pub’. For me, it’s not the size or the scope of the projects but the way they are fabricated that’s the really inspirational part of the Furze videos. How does anyone create these things in little more than a big shed?

If you go back 12 years to the earliest videos, the quality isn’t great, production values are optional, but the content is still fantastic. But a few years later, with only a handful of videos in the bag, the channel suddenly took off. It also started to cover more techniques, and the latest videos include a full walk around the shed. So if you’re looking for inspiration on what you can accomplish in a relatively small shed, Colin Furze is it.

Just don’t forget to wear your safety tie!


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