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With the years I’ve spent studying electronics and working in the field, it’s a wonder that I haven’t just walked away. Electronics is hard. And when it becomes unbearable, I need some inspiration. For me, electronics inspiration comes from Mr EEVBlog, David L. Jones.

EEVBlog YouTube Channel
EEVBlog YouTube Channel

EEVBlog on Youtube

I first came across the EEVBlog YouTube pages while looking for a new Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Dave had done an excellent review of budget DSOs and two of them were in the shoot out. And then you know how it is, YouTube suggests an EEVBlog video about Digital Multimeters, then you subscribe. From then on in you become hooked.

There is a huge range to the EEVBlog videos too. From tearing down some old hardware and critiquing the design, to ‘everyone’s favourite segment’ the MailBag. Beyond Daves easy-going ‘Strailian accent, the videos are pitched at a broad audience. From EEPROM part number fanatics (not me) to newbies starting out (more me), videos are easy to pick up and put down

EEVBlog Electronics Forum
EEVBlog Electronics Forum

EEVBlog Forum

As a result of the YouTube videos, I picked up on the EEVBlog Forum. This is one of those Forums that really bucks the trend. Rather than something dried up as everyone heads to FaceBook, it is very much alive and kicking. It also has a really good atmosphere.

Most of the threads are way over my head. There are people posting who probably live off a diet of silicon wafers and talk in a language I simply can’t keep up with. But, ask a well structured and considered question, and you get some really helpful advice. I’ve been helped through resolving a couple of issues I would never have bottomed out on my own.

Young Dave
Young Dave

EEVBlog Openness

Possibly one of the most inspirational aspects of the content David L. Jones creates is on the creation, management and funding of the EEVBlog. His insights into creating a successful Blog, Forum and YouTube channel have really influenced what I try to do here.

From this openness, I know this BXProject blog will never make me enough money that I can quit the day job. However, the inspiration I get from the EEVBlog is to share my own findings and knowledge and maybe help people learn.


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