Little Grey Fergie

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Not all of my automotive adventures are on the road, and some are decidedly off-road. In this case, it’s a proper tractor-venture. After all, no tractor is more tractor than a Little Grey Fergie. In this series of blogs, I’ll take you through the adventure of collecting the Fergie, getting it back on the ‘field’ and hopefully putting it back to good use.

Why A Little Grey Fergie?

Well, first up, it’s not my Fergie. This lack of ownership might be obvious to some as it’s neither from the 80’s nor a shed. This Ferguson TEA20 belongs to a family member who has done a sterling restoration job and needed some help to get it over the finish line. Unfortunately, the tractor has been laid up for a few years after getting a full respray and is partway through a 12v conversion.

Collecting with a high bed trailer

After months of debating about collecting and transporting it and finding free time, we hooked up the trailer and set off to pick it up from where the respray had been carried out. In hindsight, I probably should have given the place warning and my family. Ooops, sorry!

Collecting the Little Grey Fergie
Collecting the Little Grey Fergie

Fortunately, the place we were picking it up from had a giant overhead gantry crane. Have you ever seen a little grey Fergie fly? I have! Of all the vehicles I’ve been involved with loading on, this has been the easiest. So, strapped down, a lot, and off we go.

Towing a tractor with a, erm, Landy

I had been a little concerned about the Freelander managing the trailer and Little Grey Fergie on the drive back. Having done my sums, this was far from the heaviest load I’d dragged with the Land Rover, never the less I was a little mindful. The journal became something of a pootle as there was no rush to get back. However, I need not worry; the SD4 engine had plenty of power. It was maintaining speed even up the rather large hill mid-journey.

Successfully reaching our destination
Successfully reaching our destination.

Unloading from that high bed

I keep mentioning the height of the trailer bed, and with good reason. The ‘over wheel’ bed design mean the Fergie is some 3 feet above the ground, and this trailer has no ramps! Fortunately, a combination of railway sleepers, ratchet straps, sweat and pure luck got the tractor back down onto the solid ground with no drama.

A long way down for the Little Grey Fergie
A long way down for the Little Grey Fergie

What’s next for the Little Grey Fergie?

A survey of the tractor shows all of the 12v conversion parts are installed, including a Lucas alternator. There are some wires in place. However, they look to be the wrong gauge. It will be quicker to start again with the wiring. Some intake pipes are missing, along with a few bolts. The tractor is otherwise complete and near fully restored.

In the next Little Grey Fergie article, I’ll build a wiring harness and see if we can get her turning over.


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