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A few months ago I bought an ultrasonic cleaner to clean some brake callipers, was it worth the investment?

Watch my first YouTube 5 minute review and see what I thought of it!

BXProject – 5 Minute Review – Ultrasonic Cleaner

It has proven to be an incredibly useful tool around the garage, especially with the Carbusonic EP24R cleaning fluid. This is a fluid created specifically for cleaning aluminium. Tough enough to clean the parts without being so aggressive as to damage or corrode them.

I was warned that some of these cleaners aren’t electrically safe and that the chassis is not tied to the earth. This would mean that the metal case could become live in the case of an electrical fault. Fortunately, this one is okay, and the metal body is tied to the earth.

It s a little slow to heat up, sometimes taking 30 mines to get to a useful temperature. And the noise of the ultrasonic pulses vibrating through the case can be a little grating. The noise is normal, but higher quality units are typically not as loud.

Ultrasonic Cleaner (eBay)


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  1. Good video, dodgy music.
    I would check that the unit has the chassis earthed. Cheers

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