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The BX Project website has been in existence, in one way or another, for over 15 years. Although the site was initially created as a way to share my experiences about my Citroen BX 16Valve, it quickly became a method for me to learn how to present to the internet.

At its peak, the BX Project hosted a PHPBB3 forum with over 1200 impressions a day. Not a massive number by any means, but I was pretty proud of it for such a niche subject. The BX Project has also been host to many other forums and websites, including BX16V.com.

The very first iteration of the BX Project was made with Adobe Dreamweaver and included some fancy flash animation. This Blog represents the 21st incarnation. Over the years, I’ve used numerous tools and applications to deliver content. As I learned the different website languages, I’ve slowly gained enough confidence to edit code by hand.

The Original BX Project Website
The Original BX Project Website

Over the years, my interests have changed a little, I still have the BX, but my scope for automotive adventures has changed significantly. My interest in automotive electronics has increased, and workshop skills forced me to mature to keep my various cars on the road. As a result, the possibilities for sharing these adventures with a broader audience have also significantly changed. And so have the range of tools with which to share the BX Project adventures.

The creation of this WordPress based BX Project Blog will hopefully let me share more of my automotive adventures and the things I get up to and give me a better platform to show how I do them. WordPress has grown a lot since my earliest attempts to use it in 2002. It lets me create and share Blog content faster and more interactively than ever before. It’s going to be a long journey. Let’s see what happens!


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