Trailer or Beaver?

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It’s hard to believe it was a year ago when I got the call from a car friend, inviting me on another of his crazy adventures. The plan, grab a trailer, drive to London, load up an Austin A35, bring it back 200miles. No beavertail insight. Simple enough, or so I thought!

A crazy car friend had another idea! Drive 35 miles to his, then 40 miles in the wrong direction, 180 south, collect the A35, drive 160 back up, drop the Austin off, go 40 miles in the wrong direction, then 70 miles back. So if you weren’t keeping up there, that’s around a trip of 525miles!

Austin Van project on the back of the beavertail
Austin Van project on the back of the beavertail

There was quite a debate about the plan. I think he is nuts, I still think he’s nuts, but there was some amount of logic!

His logic was that for the cost of hiring a car trailer, however small, it wasn’t much more to hire a beavertail. An underpowered, well used but clean beaver tail. The argument for the extra miles was that it would be a faster (70mph Vs 60mph) journey. In more comfort and not having the added stress of a trailer to manage should make the drive easier.

Well, it was his project, so we went with his plan. And I hate to say it, but he was right! I’ve trailer-ed cars all over the place, 200 miles and back the year before. The beavertail makes the task so much easier. Backing the “truck up” to load the car is infinitely easier than backing up a trailer. Changing lanes takes that little bit less consideration. With such a small car on the back, it’s not much more than driving a Sprinter van.

Next time I’m moving cars about, I’ll definitely be considering hiring a Beaver from somewhere like TransporterHire.co.uk


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