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For many automotive adventures, you need somewhere to work and some storage. For a long time tools were under my bed, and work was done on the side of the road. These articles chronicle the transformation of an empty box into workshop.

  • Workshop – Making Workbenches
    6 min read Time and budget finally allowed creation of workbenches. From timber and steel frames to oak worktops, this was a satisfying project.
  • Workshop Tools – Scissor Lift
    7 min read Years of struggling under cars on axle stands are over with the purchase of a scissor lift. Why didn’t I do this sooner!
  • Workshop – Making Roof Bar Storage
    4 min read After falling over the Freelander2 roof bars one too many times, it was time to make some roof bar storage. Fire up the welder!
  • Workshop – OSB Ceiling Installation
    4 min read After struggling with uneven lighting in the garage, I wanted to install a ceiling. The installation of the painted OSB ceiling has transformed the space
  • Review – Sealey Drill Bit Sharpener
    < 1 min read Sick of never having a sharp drill bit? and too lazy to sharpen by hand? Maybe this Sealey SMS2008 drill bit sharpener review is for you!

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