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General Rules and structure (please read!!)

Post by Vanny » 03 Apr 2009

Welcome to the BXProject. This is a forum for those who like the Citroen BX, typically these people follow a certain trend of likes and dislikes and get on very well. This is a forum for like minded people, ownership or passion for the Citroen BX is NOT a requirement! This is also a VERY open and lax forum with little 'moderation' in the traditional sense!

The forum has three main areas, accessible to three main user groups as follows;
Registered Users and General forum
This is for everyone and anyone who wishes to join, the areas of the General forum are Publicly view able and will from time to time show up in a Google search. You must be registered to post, but only to stop spam. You must include your location when registering.

Long Term BXers and the Lounge
This is a members only area, not publicly view able, and you must be a Long Term BXer (LT) member to view. Long Term BXers are those who have been known to the BX community for a long time, enjoy a laugh and a get together and are pretty like minded. In the lounge is a General Chat area, Jokes area (these are often non PC hence restricted), and Events and Meets area. Members are elected either by other LT members or by the Chosen.

Chosen and the Private Area
This is a highly restricted membership area consisting only of a general chat area. It is accessible only to the original 13 members of the BXProject Forum and is used for detailed chat about the future of the BX Project, changes that might be seen and special events (such as closed door social gatherings).

Administration and Moderation
There is only ONE administrator (Vanny) and NO moderators. Moderation is to be carried out by members them selves, if you have a very strong reason to dislike a post then you can (as a user at any level) make your feelings known ONLY through the in built system. This only applies to the General area. For all other areas you are on your own, if you don't like the way your treated either address the situation your self or leave, simple as that. Trouble causers (these will be determined by the Chosen) who turn up only to get a reaction or rock the boat will have accounts suspended for a fitting period of time, repeat offenders will be removed.

DO NOT try to complain by PM to the administrator or the Chosen members, this will likely get you banned!!!

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